Friday, October 19, 2007

The Mentoring Thing

What a busy week this has been!

I tried to spend at least two hours each evening out doing the SL Mentor thing. I went to Ahern to help out and I learned something about new people and their arrival.

Like an idiot I was sitting in the square at Ahern offering help and smiling at all the crazy veterans of SL (and griefers) who like to hang out there. But that is not where I should have been. The square spreads out to four stations. It is within the stations themselves that newbies are dropped.

I honestly don’t think half of them were making it as far as the square before giving up. Many were naked and completely stumped about where to go and how to get there.

So if you really want to help – go to the drop points.

For almost 3 hours last night I was bombarded with their questions. I kept things simple to keep them moving. By the end of the 3 hours – I was exhausted.

The following is what I covered.

  • Do they know how to use the search
  • Give them direction. For this I gave each 2 landmarks. (like “The Free Dove for clothes, and Greenies for fun).
  • Make sure they know how to teleport.

But the most important part was to actually get them into the game. All I can do is hope a mentor is at the freebie places to help them with boxes and such.

Yes, I make sure the naked ones are dressed before sending them out into the game)

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