Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things to Do

I took a little time last night and added 3 more places for folks to visit.

The Carinsoa Ballroom – I sort of stumbled into this one. Sure – no one was there so it was very private (gotta love that). The music was absolutely perfect. I wanted a date right then!!

Icarus – Why have I never heard of this place? You get there and think…why this place? Well, If your smart, you will explore. I was torn between putting this one in romance or explore.

Virtual Hallucinations – this one definitely fell into the smart category!

Did you notice I didn’t give you a lot of detail? Good – that was my intention. Go explore these things for yourself. I just love when a place is full of surprises.

btw - I make a point of not adding places with camping and sploders.

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