Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well, i have to have the most understanding rl husband EVER! He knew how frustrated i had become with my neighbors....and well...he wanted to get me something nice for Christmas.

So the man got me a SIM!!! Yup my very own island:)

Oh my...i have been having sooo much fun with my sl partner (Kairos) setting things up. Right now only a few friends have access - so if you are on my friends list..go take a look. Sure, it may seem large, spread out and messy right now, but it has tons of promise and is a labor of love.

It will be an ongoing project. The furniture store will be open there soon too. The park..will take time to get right. I want it natural, romantic and a bit fantastical.

I have been so lucky this year to have two great men in my life. Oh - and don't get me wrong the two men do know about each other:)) Best guys ever!

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