Friday, December 14, 2007

A Sad Day for the Park

It's been awhile since i posted. Much of that time was spent building the little winter park.

Unfortunately, a complaint caused me to shut it down. It's a shame - one delusional neighbor felt my snow and plant scripts were somehow being used to grief her.

Oddly enough, she also felt i was building the occasional random box in her "sons" skybox. Well - for those of you who are builders, perhaps you can relate..your happily building away and go to move a random item - next thing you've lost complete control of the sucker. Off it goes, into the wilds of sl. Yup! His home was near my workstation.

Noo kidding - we were spitting distance. That seemed to be another problem for this neighbor. Fact is, i was 700 up...on my own land, and had every right to be there.

The woman has alts harassing me...has randomly crept into my workshop to explore things i am working on without my presence....well - i could go on and on.

What's an avi to do???

My parks will return, I love making them. For the the kind people who were so unhappy to see the park destroyed..thanks, your thoughts made my day:))

In the meantime - I have added Intimate Moments in the Romantic Places column on the rt. You should go visit this lovely place!

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