Monday, June 16, 2008

What Did You Get?

Wow, a sale at Ivaldes - you better rush over! It's not in the actual store so check out the Ivalde links I've added under the photos. these were my two favorite sale dresses. I hear she also has 3 1L$ dresses mixed in with the 100L$ dresses so dig around:)

Look 1
Dress - Ivalde, Grace Cream (100L sale)
Hair - *TRUTH* Rachel - Brunette
Shoes - Shiny Things, Clara Slingback - olive
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy (Marianela - High Quality Skins)

Look 2
Dress - Ivalde, Selma, blue (100L Sale)
Hair - Polished Hair- Renea- Obsidian (HS)
Shoes - Storm_schmooz_noir_desir
Skin - (MF) Aylen Medium Natural-Glossy BlackE (Marianela - High Quality Skins)

This morning I heard about the Marianela skins and just had to try on the demos. OMG I wanted at least 8 of them but I could only afford one:( They are absolutely stunning! The skin has a look of innocence to it (and I do like that sort of look:))

yes, yes, yes - I am 25 in SL...well, sometimes I'm 18...but an adult at all times.

I noticed Storm Schmooz some time back - Such classic sculpted shoes. I plan to wear this brand often. I swear I'm gonna do a blog just about the shoes at this store very soon!

Ah - time for dinner!

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