Monday, June 9, 2008

WooHoo For Groups!!!

It SO pays to be in the right groups. I have a huge cheer here for Antonia over at Artilleri - Check out this new group freebie!!!!

It's downright luscious. This texture has the most beautiful shadows. Honestly - the fit is just perfect.

I love the neckline and the little open triangle. The whole suit has a teasing quality to it - love it love it love it!

The hair is called Kate and the color was just perfect. I really do like the custom color Packs at Dernier Cri.

As an example i can buy a 5 pack of this style - I don't have to pick a color right at that moment. Later as I am dressing, I can put on the hair, wear the hud and tap a color.

That hair will then be dyed. Take it off, drop it on the ground ... pick it back up to get the mod permissions. Very simple and very convenient.

Suit - join the Artilleri group and then check out the notices for this yummy treat!
Hair - Dernier Cri,
Skin - minajunk skin (a new skin!) Live01Normal

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