Monday, March 2, 2009

Sharing Your Man!

How many long term Second Life couples do you know? I’m talking couples that have been together for at least a year. They are incredibly rare. These are the couples that are beyond the infatuation stage. They have absolute trust and faith in each other. Many have ridden the rollercoaster of drama but they always hang on.

There comes a moment when they have a real relationship breakthrough. Maybe they’re on the dance floor checking out the other people in the room. Some stranger im’s one of you and begins to flirt (Let’s be honest – it’s always some woman hitting on your guy).

Your guy being the fun adventurous sort that he is, shows you the flirty IM of the “other woman”. You begin to honestly trust this tall handsome guy you’re dancing with. For goodness sake, the two of you have been together “forever” by sl standards. You’ve learned to argue, adventure and explore with him.

At this point in the dance you know he’s coming home with you. The guy wants to be exactly where he is. His flirting continues with the other lady but oddly enough he shares the dialogue with you. No doubt about it - it’s just a silly flirtation. Goodness knows after a year you’ve flirted a bit yourself with other men.

You realize flirting with others is fun, because you’re sharing that flirting game with your partner. The partner you love. You are both smiling ….teasing with each other …and with others …and it’s good.

At some point in my own two year relationship with Kairos, we learned to share. Our relationship blossomed. We realized we could open the relationship, but no longer wear our partnerships in our profiles. Shoot, if we did THAT no one would ask me to dance and not as many ladies would whisper in his ear.

I guess I should get to the point here. Where are the couples who enjoy spending time with other couples? We are a sharing flirty couple who want to hang out with other sharing flirty couples. We tried joining the swinging groups, but as you click through their member ship list you realize…dang - hardly any partnered people there. Besides – they seem to just be on the look out for sex and only sex.

My guy and I wanted more…we were greedy. We wanted friends – flirty teasing friends. The kind that know how to share if the moment comes but love their own partners.

Ok, I’m getting off my box and heading off to explore.

Hair - TRUTH Tahlia 2 - cocoa
Pants - ::: B@R ::: Lowrise Heavy Cargo DarkBrown Belt
Shirt - [Renegade] Urban Ranger Banded Tank camo
Skin - :GP: Petal [Light] Lovely-Pure 2
Dog Tags - M'z - Lucky Chair!
Boots - [ON] Zero Number Wo Boots

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