Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What do YOU Want to Do?

So today is all about 60's retro/casual. I slipped on my favorite flats and grabbed my Cardigan on the way out the door!

Beyond Imagination - an adventure? a mystery?

New OA, Beta Quadrant - yes indeed, home base of - The Green Lantern

Gotham City - roleplay

Sietar Intercultural Learning Space - a smart place

Animal Island - explore

World Formula Racing

Vignette - an Evening of Jazz and quiet moments

...and what am I wearing?

Hair - *katat0nik* (naturals) Lolli Hair, WOW - This is an all in one kinda hair. Just ckick it and select you color (13 colors to choose from) or click the ribbon (18 colors to choose from)..and ONLY $225 for everything!

Skin - Curio, :GP: Classic-Leaf

Shirt - Laqroki, Kiwi Boatneck Tee - very stylish in the 60's! If i could i would have gotten all of them.

Cardigan Sweater - Laqroki ~ Green Short open Cardigan - ok, ok...I DID get this fat pack:)

Capri - Armidi Limited - Capri, A001 Jeans [Dusted Industrial]

Shoes - Armidi Gisaci - Sasche Flats Brown (thank goodness they have these in tons of colors)

Well, off to see what else I can find!

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