Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Theme Mall

This entry is short and sweet cuz it's Saturday night:).

Dress - Total Betty *Petits Pois* (was free the week of the 1 yr anniversary of Retrology) hurry - it's still out as a freebie as of this writing!
Hair - Curio, Gertrude
Skin - :GP: at Curio, Classic-Carbon
Shoes - TESLA - Marie Shoe, Black
Necklace - Encore, Timeless Double Strand Necklace (yup! tinted black!)

Check out this dress! Just one of many free gifts to be found this past week at the Retrology 1 yr anniversary.

This mall is such a unique place in SL simply because it tries to stick with it's theme (unlike sooo many others in game).

If a mall advertises that its theme is jazz, roman, medieval or whatever..for goodness sakes, play music to set that mood and carry only appropriate stuff in the shops .

Nothing I dislike more about exploring than landing in a Sim that has advertised as romantic, yet upon arrival, heavy metal screams in the background. Anyway, you get my drift. At Retrology, the vast majority of the vendors make every effort to keep the mood with their product and music. So, Thanks to everyone - it makes a difference to the whole shopping experience.

Happy Birthday!

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Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Rachel, TY for saying such lovely things about Retrology, we love it dearly and love to know others do to! I really appreciate your post, we do really try hard to stay on the Retro Track.
Thanks Again,
~ Ketsy
Manager, Retrology SIM.