Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pretty in Red

Wow - about time I mention this fun dress from Alchemy. It feels fresh and bold and I love the red and white layer beneath. The cute red sweater has some gorgeous shading on it!

The hair is a fun updo from Philotic Energy - I have to admit I'm a sucker for hairs that have color changing ribbons/bands.

Hair - Philotic Energy, PE Sacha Black
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Paon 2
Dress - Alchemy, Strawberry Red
Shoes - Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos, Red

It's been a few weeks since I suggested a few places to visit sooo:
(Happy Exploring!)

German Battleship - Bismark

C.C. Loons Blues Museum

Winter Wonderland

Valparaiso Chile - turn on midnight

Gaia Rising

Chakryn Forest


Animal Island


Beyond Magic

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