Saturday, January 10, 2009


I'm not a Gor kinda girl....butI hear their Sims are almost always beautiful. So the question was, how to get in. Well, I found an avi that was non threatening and wasn't too furrie like, then tped over hoping I wouldn't get tossed out on my ass. You see, there should be no puppies on Gor.

I selected a place called the Khalida -City, The Black Talon. I was happy to see a nice crowd of people on the sim and the guard in the arrival spot (Dirk) didn't eye my puppy body too suspiciously. Soooo - off I went.
All Gor sims seem to have so much security:( I yipped a little but I think they didn't hear me at first:) Of course I then proceeded to sneak in....and eventually found myself in a group of about 6 people.

The first few moments I wasn't noticed...until one of the slaves looked away from me in fear. I LOVE Gor people - they're great roleplayers! They're so funny and creative. They fed me, pet me..and eyed me suspiciously. You see, there are no puppies in Gor. I of course yipped at the gate to warn them when people arrived and drooled happily when they played with my red ball. I was having a blast. Are all Gor people so kind?

Next I tried City of Scagnar where I was met at the gate buy again, 5 - 6 people. A mean lady threatened to eat me. I am sooo glad for the peeing animation that comes with this avi!! Role Play can be such a hoot!

Before I forget, this amazing little puppy avi comes with a hud of the cutest animations (sit, dog house sit, ball, bone, front stretch, full body stretch and more!). This was such a fun adventure and I highly recommend it. They never once broke character and neither did I!!

Goodness knows I've been tossed from a few sims and this afternoon was no exception. Out of the 4 Gor sims I visited I would suggest The Black Talon Just for fun and Cardonicus if you just want to irritate them:). At Scagnar a lady did tell me puppies are unknown there but kittens are acceptable. A citizen of Fina offered me to a slave as a pet....I eyed the woods with longing and left to chase adventure!

My 3rd stop was ~City of Fina ~ on the Counter Earth Continent and the 4th was ** Cardonicus.
Unfortunately Cardonicus tossed my puppy ass out:) No sense of humour there at all. No puppies allowed.

This is such a great avi costume and I highly recommend it for a night of adventuring.

There is a difference between Exploring and Adventuring. If you are just in the mood to explore, give these places a peek.

Hope and Happiness
The Hotel Dare - for those who love creative arts in SL
Forgotten Village - wow - there may be shopping nearby but this place is georgous. Tons of photo opportunities here! Give it time to rez.
KIJIJI ("The Village")
Wintergarden of Dreams

Really AWESOME puppy avi - Tiny Champagne Puppy is from Mouse Mart (comes in 4 cute colors)

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