Friday, December 19, 2008

Down on the Farm

How about a little farm roleplay?

A little role play never hurt anyone. I don't think I've looked for farms in the game yet, but no better time than the present:)

So I began my quest. Let's see, I need bib overalls. None of those shorty short girlie overalls Noooo...I wanted something that would fit the fantasy a bit better. I went to classified, typed in overalls and off I went, to find the best in SL.

Grrr - I hate when it's a mall and I have to hunt for the dang things.

Lisa's had overalls, but too girly so I passed on that pair.

I found 5 pair. My intent is not to critic other peoples work, but to find the best. Let's take a closer look shall we?

#1 - Hell Bop - Walter - Bib Overalls, and for the shirt i went to Artilleri, (Darla in red). The bib may be worn up or down which could certainly add to your role playing fun:)

# 2 - NoLabel, the Lucky Overall in black and the shirt was from Elephant Outfitters (Sailor Striped Sweater Top). I just loved the sculpted legs! Notice how the pants fold sweetly over my shoes. Yay! This designer is worth keeping an eye on:)

#3 - This outfit is nice but no sculpties or removable bibs. These pants are a bit more of an older SL style, but the overalls are nice and this means it has something newer outfits seem to no longer have...the ability to transfer! This overall is from Crucial Creations and the shirt from an older out fit of mine - Luminosity, Triest.

#4 - I think these are the overalls I see most often (from BareRose). Unfortunately they don't have a bib up bib down option. The legs are the simple standard pant legs ...but I do adore the little dangly bits on the bib. It was tougher to find a shirt that worked for me as the ones it came with would'nt fit in with the roleplay I had in mind:) This one is the {Gisaci} Classic Cashmere Turtleneck.

#5 - I swear the ad said it was blue but they tend to look purple to me. Try a close up on this one. This is another no frills basic set but it has the basic style and it transfers! Bailers Outfitters for this one. The shirt is again the Darla from Artilleri (in pink).

HAIR - The was a new one from my place. It has a playful look that I couldn't resist. Go to [V] Vignette and try on the Minx.

Ok, now comes the exploring. It's time to head off and look for farms. There's bound to be one with just the right mood for a little roleplay.

A big strapping farm boy who knows how to work hard....yep - I could get into that!

Till next time!!

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