Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TWO Worlds????

Ok, I confess..I've been slipping off to visit Inworldz. Now, why on EARTH would I do such a thing???

* Well 45,000 prim Sim for only $75 usd a month. (confessed prim whore)
* prims that can stretch to 128 x 128 and shrink amazingly small
* Their economy is now up and in place  (2:1 Iz/Ls ratio)
* Currently has 295 regions and about 100 people on at a time but over 9000 accounts
* Uploads are FREEEEEEEE but you must have full perms to it! Be sure you check with the artists you buy textures and sculpts from.
* You can use an ATM in SL to transfer your Linden into I'z and vice versa
* 50 Groups allowed!!
* Fresh starts can be sweet:)

On the other side of the coin...expect hiccups in the performance. You will at times seek some workarounds, but these draw backs are not worse that sl hicups for me. The search has a ways to go but I'm a patient woman.

Bits and Bobs opened over there!
Earthstones has opened a shop
LC Sculpts
HOT House of Textures
LMC Content CreationCreative Fantasy Home & Garden @ Creative Fantasy
JTL Designs
Cupcakes (Clothing and skins)
Chic Boutique
Alyssa Bijoux (jewelry)

Check out this amazing list of Inworldz shops here. They seem to be updating this list pretty well so check to see if you're favorites are there yet!
 My current plans over there involve assisting LC Sculps  set up her sim...THEN adding some of my stuff.

Note - Transition wont be too tough but only pioneers with a sense of humour should apply. If someone offers you a hair base upon arrival - take it and wear me:)

Meanwhile in SL I will still be building away....   

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