Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Good Taste

Arg!!  Due to a very possible layoff in real life this summer, I MUST find a way to support what I give away. I will continue putting out free quality items.

Simply put, making free items in Second Life costs money - sculpts, textures....and land. My sponsor, es0 Torok of "LC Sculpts - Handmade in Texas!". has paid for my Sim for well over a year. She is my real life sister and I am deeply grateful for her generousity. Any tips coming in have gone toward textures and sculpts.

I can't depend on es0 to forever pay my tier in sl, soooooo... I decided to open "In Good Taste". My free projects will ALWAYS continue, but any buildings I make I will need to charge for. I know, I know ... I hate having to do it but for now I need to.

So what quality of building does a person who's put out free items for so long make??? Well, I do put love and care into everything I make, fee or no fee. Take a peek at my first project:

I'ts a very versatile arrange each item separately OR throw it all down at once.
I wanted a warm, lush look with a splash of color.

The demo is a MUST SEE!
In Good Taste  ......   demo of the market

I will continue to put out free item's at these shops, but have decided to charge for items I make at In Good Taste.

In Her Shoes 
LC Sculpts - Handmade in Texas - By the way, all her personal sculpts are free and mod/copy. You only pay if you need full version sets. This is a huge plus for SIM owners and people who love to experiment with building.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Rachel Boram

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