Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toy, Retro AND Role Play all in One

So, why is it a toy? Take a look at this beautifully done cigarette tray. It has a very handy script in it which hands out goodies. All you have to do is toss in the full perm item you want it to pass out (I put in the hair I was wearing and a landmark to Vignette). Now every time a random person clicks my tray - they get the treat!! How cool is that??

What a great retro outfit and costume. I was thrilled with the stockings - nicely done with the seam heading up the cheek. Since the dress is so short, I think the stockings adds a bit of tease to the whole look. The little pill box hat can perch on pretty much any hair in your inventory with ease (whew! gotta love that!). Little things much a big difference.

As for the skin - time to pull out a sweet vintage pin up skin - I think it brings the whole look together.


Outfit - Reasonable Desires , Cigarette Girl (with tray, gloves and stockings)
Hair - [V] Vignette May Onyx - this one may still be found in the group delivery box. Please visit the store and join the group. It won't count against you 25 and who knows what could be sent your way:)
Skin - Curio, :GP: Sundust [Dark] Pin Up-Apple Pie 2
Location - Bogart's Jazz Club wow - I fit right in!!!

Here are a few interesting little sims to take a peek at:
*Rouge Forest*
Wretched Hollow

Grungeboardin A, Give it time to Rez and B, Follow instructions for a blast!
Land of Aryador - beautifully built roleplay sim - even the entry looks great (and we all know roleplays start with a platform in the sky where you find rules and tags ...and mall stuff)

Follow THIS link for some amazing machinima!!!

Well - off to explore....

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good, i just added many another emo backgrounds 2 my blog