Monday, June 29, 2009

Free and Almost

I always wondered, do folks ever really read the post or is it all just about the photos?

I suppose there is one way to find out. I could mention where to find a freebie, and if people show up and snag it, I'll know they really do read them.

First for the non freebie - this amazing Panda Dress from *kataOnik*, don't walk to get this one for only $25L.

For a Lolita style I went with the Toasted Coconut Teddi hair at Vignette. So here's the free part: go to the store and find the subscription kiosk (this one does not count toward your 25) and join! This color is a group gift for a limited time. Don't be shy, check to see if anything is in box attached to the vendor. If you ever think you may have missed something, that's where it'll be.

Hair - [V] Vignette Teddi Toasted Coconut, free group gift
Dress - *katat0nik* $25 pink Panda Dress
Shoes - SM Hyasynths - black, Shiny Things
Skin - 4)Maya 04 [ R O M I ] by Romi Juliesse
Eyes - [Eyes] Babydoll - Pale Pink

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