Sunday, June 21, 2009

Whew! I Did It!

Day One:

After a long few weeks of trying to make hair, the gates have opened at Hair Fair 2009. What a great opportunity for people to see my hair! OMG SL was completely borked on opening day *cries*

Day Two:
Ok, SL - let's try this again.....

Vignette Booth at Hair Fair is near this lm:)

Cinder - 50% of this one goes straight to Locks Of Love .

Gibson - If you've read my blogs, you know I had to throw in at least one vintage look. Great not only for role play wear but also for those formal occasions.

Jaime - Short with a bit of Attitude!

Raquel - Long and Lush.

Kasey - Short and Sassy with tons of curl!

Ellie - Inspired by Ellie May of the Beverly Hillbillies. Well, my version of the look:). this one is located in a goodie box leaning against the candy on the floor.... and it's FREE (the entire fat pack)

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