Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sometimes on those hunts we stumble across the greatest little stores. I found Blonde. OMG!! I'm jealous - her retro building skills are absolutely amazing. This is a "must see little store" for fun retro stuff.

Ladies - check out this gorgeous little retro/50's apron. It's FREE!! @ Blonde.

When you go to put it on you'll pause - "What am I gonna wear it with?" Sure, I could mod a fluffy 50's skirt and squeeze my ass into everything BUT, no need! Slip on a system skirt!

If your a savy retro diva you have this skirt in your closet already. It's the Gina highwaist pencil skirt at artilleri. So ladies - put on your system skirt ass, shimmy into your pencil skirt and put on this apron! Gotta LOVE the details!

Then I thought - gotta have a white reto shirt somewhere in the closet. Woohoo - I found one! The Fleur Mars Shirt White - it was perfect.

Let's go with something a bit unpredictable with the glasses - black hair.... hell, go for black shoes. The little red bows are just the right touch.

If you don't have the right system skirt, think about trying some cigarette pants or reto capri's.

Find a great reto hair and off you go!

Apron - Blonde, Pinny With Pockets
Skirt - Artilleri, Gina Highwaist Pencil Skirt
Shirt - Fleur Mars Shirt White (sold as a separate)
Shoes - Tuli Pumps Black - Shiny Things
Skin - This is a great skin!! - 6)shannon_lightskin red @ ROMI SKIN, these skins look innocent, sultry, Lolita.... you have to check these out!
Hair - Dayna at Artilleri

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