Saturday, February 14, 2009

Man Shed!

In building a small place like this it's important for me to keep the prim count low (44). Sure, I could have added more shadows - but would not appeal to the small land owner.

In the box is the whole set up - just plop it down and set the height.

Personally, I prefer the freedom to be creative, so in the box I have included the base of the shed, along with all the separate bits you see (crates, barrels, hay, campfire...). This way, if you like, feel free to decorate as you like.

So add your poses, plants, furniture...what have you and enjoy your "Man Shed"

Its a small place, only 10 x 20.
Fits nice on a 512.
Only 44 prim total!

Visit [V] Vignette and check out the:
[V] Vignette - Man Shed Model

Date Night!

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Sunset Myst


The Man Shed - at XStreet
Man Shed - the model

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