Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kitchen Work of the 1920's

Seems I've settled into the 1920's these days. A have completed a few excellent kitchen pieces that i am very proud to show off!!

I work around old thing things everyday at my RL job so to come here and recreat such beautiful things is such a pleasure.

I wanted so badly to create a specific Chamber's range but unfortunately, it belongs to a different decade. So it is another project i look forward to another day:)

At this time my plan is to make a small 1920's house to furnish as it would have been almost a hundred years ago. It is a major project! One of my biggest obstacles in creating the house will be the walls, believe it or not - they had very tiny rooms in the 20's. This could create problems moving about in the home so some compromises will need to be made.

Well - off to build a house!!
Wish me luck:)

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