Thursday, February 28, 2008

Victorian Maids of SL

Is this not the most stunning victorian maid costume in Second Life??? I gawked when i saw it in the window.

The cute little hat comes with it - but be prepared to edit your hair -
(remember to copy your hair first).

The designer of this dress gets a big thumbs up from me. Her name is Moeka Kohime. I rushed home to throw the dress on and as i did a little turn, i did notice a little problem...hmmm I had no glitch pants..or panties.

*Grumbles* I sent out a note to Moeka and asked if i was supposed to have something covering my rear. Much to my surprise she said no. She told me to pull up the apron to fit the seams. Taa Daa!! ok - it worked and i smiled:) I will definitely be buying from Edelweiss again!

Although as i flew to a concert and attempted to land my skirt flew over my head as i landed - Well - that was a big oops - some lucky avis saw my bare bum as my skirts flew up over my head.

I did find a very practical solution - Every fashionesta has a black gown in her closet, so on went some random black glitch pants - worked beautifully!!

The outfit comes with several shirt and apron options and of course all can be mixed and matched. I just love the bow and detailed ruffles!

My hair is from NaughtyDesigns (Maya): Naughty Designs
The perfect shoes are at Telsa (Ziggy Heals *Birth*):

This incredible costume (which i must admit brings to mind GREAT role play possibilities was bought at Edelweiss. The dress is called - Maid Dress Emma #1 .


Anonymous said...

It's called Emma because it is an almost exact copy of the maid costume from the manga and anime "Emma, a Victorian Romance" by Kaoru Mori and available in the US from CMX manga. If you like maids you'll LOVE this series! This is the costume that Emma wears when she gets her second job as a maid at an estate in the countryside of England, after she leaves London.

Rachel said...

Hey thanks! This has to be the best Victorian maid set in SL. It's a keeper!

Rachel begins to google "Emma, a Victorian Romance" :)

Anonymous said...

wow ur really good!