Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have a new found respect for hair designers/makers.

I was looking for a challenge so I spent the weekend building. I can build furniture and structures, so what was next on my list?

Hair – OMG – Hardest thing I have ever tried to build. No, I am NOT going to wearing it. Not until it looks like people hair!

Problems I ran into:
  • Texture - Ah! I have to make them (complete photoshop newb) Well, at least need to make one color for now. That was hard (alphas and layers). Yes, there are instructions out there, but still – made me curse like a sailor).
  • Torus’s - So THAT’S what you do with them. I bow to all the torus masters out there. This is truly a prim that causes pain.
  • Hey wait – I thought my head was symmetrical!
  • Isn’t there something out there that will help me mirror a prim. You know, I tuck a hair on one side, but I want the other side to match. It is not as simple as rotating a prim
  • I was trying to run before I could walk. Make a simple bun or ponytail to begin with

Although I did make 2 hairs, just think. I need how many colors of hair? Wow – hair builders deserve the Linden they make!!!

This practice is gonna take forever!!

Shirt - Artilleri, Darla
Skin - Tuli - Celeste [light/1] ~ dawn (freckled) Group freebie!!!) Join the group and check notices.
Retro Shorts - 1/4 Life Crisis - High-Rise Shorts - $225L is a bit pricey for one pair of shorts, but dang! glade i gave in:) These are everyday keepers for me.
Shoes - AKEYO, chucks
Hair - BP* mitsuami hair, Pompa braid (the BP stands for Bettie Page) Love it! Wish there were more colors!!!

The retro shorts are amazing, at least stop by for a look (take a closer look at my photo up there). The little painted details are crisp and clean. The scripted prim cuffs are the best I have seen yet. They absolutely hug the leg without messy hemlines showing from underneath and to be honest - they go with tons of stuff in my wardrobe. I would like to see this one in a few more colors like brown, blue or red puleeeezze.

As for the Tuli freebie - get it get it get it. As soon as I get $3000L in my pocket the Celeste packet is mine!

The Bettie Page hair is a winner for the reto look. Dang - I would have bought a fat pack but she only had the one color.

BIG UPDATE - The retro shorts have just been released in blue, brown, red, green and purple!! A big hug to Devotchka Dagger for being so kind and having such a great sense of style.

Off to explore!



Allegory Malaprop said...

Send me an IM in world, there is a pair of freebie scripts around that will mirror a prim. They aren't perfect (they have some issues with toruses once you get into too many rotations and tapering and such, and you'll often have to fix all sorts of texture issues as it doesn't always mirror the texture on the right face even), but they are worlds better than doing it all by hand, and at least get you in the ballpark!

Rachel said...

Yes yes yes!!! Rachel runs to log in and keeps her fingers crossed (cuz the dang computer is acting up). I will IM you in game. this would be such a help.

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

allegory beat me to it. I have one to add to the pot.