Sunday, May 25, 2008

Speaking of Exploring

Have you ever given any thought as to where you WOULDN'T go in Second Life? I have.

Top places I won't go to:

1. GOR Sims (which is a shame cuz I hear they have some beautiful Sims). I hear they don't allow women like me there.

2. Femdom Sims - They just scare the hell out of me!

3. Ponygirl Sims - This one is like watching a kinky trainwreck.

4. Camping Malls - You get to a popular mall and oh noooo...tons-o-campers. Avoid like the plague.

Outfit -Bare Rose, Over the Rainbow
Shoes - Lassitude & Ennui, Traveller Boots
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Blossom 3
Hair - Refuge: Chloe - Pitch Black

Now off to explore the places i WOULD go to:)


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