Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jazz Age

Good morning all!

Not all women in the 20's wore cute little flapper dresses. In fact, the 1920's must have been massive confusion for many designers.

This soft, feminine, flowing dress was truly the most popular style of the time. Sure, flapper dresses were popular, but flapper girls were considered a bit , how shall i put it.....loose.

Let's talk hemlines. I picked up this information over at Fashion-Era:

The Elusive Hemline of the 1920s.

Gradually by degrees the skirt lengths on dresses gave the illusion of being first long and then shorter with dipping, scalloped and handkerchief hemlines in floating fabrics. It was only in 1925 that skirts rose 14 to 16 inches (45 to 50 cm) from the ground making the shorter hemline we associate with the era.

*Wow - From the handkerchief hemline to the length, this dress captures that description perfectly! If I was to pick an exact year, I would say this in 1925.

BTW - As you slip the dress on, you may want to wear your system skirt shape.

The hat was actually from another stunning 20's outfit (Spring Time Jazz dress) , over at Silver Rose Designs. Yuriko Muromachi has also captured the 20's look incredibly well. I simply backed up my copy of the hat and re textured it a nice distressed brown. Love this sculpty shape - great floppy look without going overboard.

The hair was a great - I only had to trim 2 strands! Be sure you make a backup before cutting your hair. This short style was soft and touchable.

The skin is new. Yes, Lorac Farella at Pulse has taken the plunge and created skins! They are worth a look. I was very happy to see 4 skins in my package. Yes, frecked skin was in the pack, but listen to this....3 nipple color choices!!! (all included) .

My two pet peeves with skin are lips and nipples and she has done a great job with both. She is still learning, but she has made an impressive start. Stop by and check out these demos.

Dress - Ivalde, Skirlaug Salmon (4 great colors to choose from)
Hat - Comes with Spring Time Jazz at Silver Rose Designs
Shoes - Shiny Things, Tuxedo Pump (khaki)
Hair - Comme il faute (Bossa Nova), Annette (raven)
Skin - NEW!! from Pulse, Pulse Skin1

Location - Vignette

Well, off to do some shopping woohoo!


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