Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Don't you love it when the a group freebie is this pretty? Hyasynth Tiramisu over at Silent Sparrow has outdone herself! As I slipped it on, I felt this stand out corset set needed just the right contrast to make it pop and I had just the skin that could do it.

This was a skin I bought at Another fundraiser (Which is no longer going on). You know, personally - I think this should be a year round Fundraiser. I loved that so many designers went outside their normal comfort zones and was absolutely thrilled at the great stuff they made. Let's do this one again sometime..please

This stunning hair is from Cake. I had seen another blogger mention it and I just had to try it on. My feet drug all the way to Cake. You see, I knew it was perfect, but unfortunately their prices are a bit steep. $375L for one color. We're not talking a little pack with 3 colors...noooooo, just one. A fat pack is *cough* $3000L. I stomped my feet and howled at the moon. Dang!! I couldn't resist and bought 3 colors.

Excellent job on the hair (Berlin)! Ladies, this one is worth the price. The curls bounce, the hair is full and the rich texture is perfect. It's absolutely beautiful!

Skin - *Nuclear Boutique* Skin: Passion (Another Fundraiser) 1
Coronis Corset - Silent Sparrow
Boots - Maitreya Dune Boots, Royal (a perfect match)
Hair - Cake - Berlin - Burgundy
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Shy Aqua Eyes

I'm off to explore,

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