Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Not Like I'm Naked!!

So I found this little fairy outfit and figured, what the heck, I'll revisit the Sims my Dryad character visited and see if i could still play:)

Well - I'm off to Avalon!

10 minutes later:
Dang - They tossed me out! The lady froze me and told me to cover up. Really, she did!! I told her I had been approved before. She said fae can come but not dressed like me:( *mumbles* Hmmm wonder if it was cuz a guy addressed me last time. I'll try another Sim and stand next to a woman. Rachel sulks and heads toward another Medieval/Fantasy sim.

Another 10 minutes later:
Well i am happy to say the ladies in The Kingdom of Azuria weren't offended by what I wore. I met a nice lady by the name of Porshilla Starr who was looking very fashionable - she was very helpful. Told me faes can dress as skimpy as they like..

Of course I then asked ask if I needed a weapon. She told me fae's don't need them (whew) off to snoop around a bit.

Well, I stand by a past statement - The men who role play are the best looking guys in SL. To be honest, I think the women are looking pretty attractive too. The male/female ratio in Azuria wasn't even, but it sure wasn't overly full of women like Midian tends to be.

As lost as I was, they were very patient. No one fussed at me!! I sat in the grass and watched them make battle plans.

If you love to go fairy - the AO I'm wearing tonight is a MUST:) - Ilse's Animations - Fairy AO

Hair - Maitreya, Eva-more - Copper
Skin - :GP: Classic-Sienna (at skin fair) (Love these Gala skins!)
Outfit - Summer Faerie at Coconut Ice, I have a hard time finding things at that store so I am including the slexchange location for Summer Faerie too:)

Well - off to explore!



CeN said...

Well, how odd. I'm no expert on these things at all but in my opinion your outfit is not only adorable but totally fitting with the character you were portraying, which I thought was important in RP sims.

It would have been inappropriate if you were wearing roller blades and had a lazer beam shooter attached to your jetpack, but what do I know.

Oh well, you go

Rachel said...

See? That's what I thought too! I honestly thought the fae could get away with more:)

Thanks CeNedra!!