Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Not Like I'm Naked!!

So I found this little fairy outfit and figured, what the heck, I'll revisit the Sims my Dryad character visited and see if i could still play:)

Well - I'm off to Avalon!

10 minutes later:
Dang - They tossed me out! The lady froze me and told me to cover up. Really, she did!! I told her I had been approved before. She said fae can come but not dressed like me:( *mumbles* Hmmm wonder if it was cuz a guy addressed me last time. I'll try another Sim and stand next to a woman. Rachel sulks and heads toward another Medieval/Fantasy sim.

Another 10 minutes later:
Well i am happy to say the ladies in The Kingdom of Azuria weren't offended by what I wore. I met a nice lady by the name of Porshilla Starr who was looking very fashionable - she was very helpful. Told me faes can dress as skimpy as they like..

Of course I then asked ask if I needed a weapon. She told me fae's don't need them (whew) off to snoop around a bit.

Well, I stand by a past statement - The men who role play are the best looking guys in SL. To be honest, I think the women are looking pretty attractive too. The male/female ratio in Azuria wasn't even, but it sure wasn't overly full of women like Midian tends to be.

As lost as I was, they were very patient. No one fussed at me!! I sat in the grass and watched them make battle plans.

If you love to go fairy - the AO I'm wearing tonight is a MUST:) - Ilse's Animations - Fairy AO

Hair - Maitreya, Eva-more - Copper
Skin - :GP: Classic-Sienna (at skin fair) (Love these Gala skins!)
Outfit - Summer Faerie at Coconut Ice, I have a hard time finding things at that store so I am including the slexchange location for Summer Faerie too:)

Well - off to explore!



C said...

Well, how odd. I'm no expert on these things at all but in my opinion your outfit is not only adorable but totally fitting with the character you were portraying, which I thought was important in RP sims.

It would have been inappropriate if you were wearing roller blades and had a lazer beam shooter attached to your jetpack, but what do I know.

Oh well, you go

About Me said...

See? That's what I thought too! I honestly thought the fae could get away with more:)

Thanks CeNedra!!