Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being Mod

This is a Great 60's mod look!! Check out my new flip hair style and these slick shiny sculpted boots. I do wish the bottom of the boots came with the option to be brown or black, these are in brown only. Too sweet!- They sure pull off that go-go 60's look.

This fresh faced innocent look comes from Mallory Cowen over at Rac (now called Laqroki), and Lux Yao over at Amaretto created this cute little black dress. It's simple and yet it's such a classic style!

Hair - =Laqroki = Honey -Black
Skin - Laqroki (Laqroki = Rita 03)
Dress - [Amaretto] Boytrap
Boots - Slink Angelina Boots
Bangles - Schadenfreude Starlust Opening Bangles (free and tintable - can't get better than that!!)

I need to go out and find a few sixties sites - till next time:)


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