Friday, May 2, 2008

Complaining, no - Venting...naw, Bitching!!

I just read the post at Shopping Cart Disco (and it's many responses) regarding the Cotton Candy Catastrophe. I'm going to run the risk of playing a little devil's advocate. I think unprofessional behavior ran both ways.

Sim Owner:

Tessy Kaos - It is her land, before, during and after this event. Like it or not. I have not read her rental rules - but I'm sure Cate read them. If Marsellus didn't, he should have. Most sim owners have a clear policy about returns. Tessy seems to have no argument with any of the shop owners (as far as I can tell).

She had a problem with the Managers of that particular property. Did she have a right to keep the rent? Seems she was getting a portion from the managers. It would have been considered professional courtesy to return her portion of the unused rents. If the Managers were getting a rent portion, they also should show the same courtesy to the shop owners and return their portion of the shop owners rent. Customers (shop owners) should always come first.

The entire situation with Kaos, Cate and Marsellus should have been handled discreetly behind closed doors.

Copies - hmmm.. (so shoot me now) a teacher often told me creative copying is the sincerest form of flattery. If the other kids like the way you color, they may copy you. I honestly think Tessy Kaos didn't mean any harm. Could it be possible she just wanted to keep the store owners happy by not having a drastic change? She had already made up her mind that the Managers were dropping the ball and a change was going to take place. Maybe.... but unfortunately, coping hurts a lot of people in the game. It is never to be taken lightly. So to me, in cases like this it's very important to hear both sides). I haven't heard either, so I wont take sides here.

Tessy seems to have had a knee jerk reaction and started tearing down the mall. The shop owners deserved more notice, it would have been common courtesy. I see she has extended the move out time. Honestly, I don't think she's the enemy here, but she is a tad impulsive:)) Is she a thief? - no. Well, it depends on what she posted in her original covenant. Most Sim owners are pretty good at covering their asses.

Sim Mall Managers:

Cate Dollinger - Mall Manager, Question is - was she professional about it? Sure she was, but, something happened. Cate left, no doubt with a very good reason. Was this a play business for her, or a real one? Did she act professionally in the end? Honestly? No, she didn't.

Marsellus Bombast - Same question. Is this a real or play business, (profitable or not) for him? The fact is, communication can mean everything in business (real or play). If he knew about this incident (Cate leaving and the manager schuffle) for several days and didn't tell the sim owner, that was unprofessional. As soon as he found out there was a change in management - Tessy Kaos should have been the first person he notified. She has 100% interest in what is going on at her sim all times. Problem is, she found out all of this not from Marcellus, but from others. If a Manager jumps ship, the CEO better find out what's going on before the rest of the staff does.

I heard he was gone a few days and and he was taken by surprise too. Hell, everyone gets time off every once in awhile:). BUT, the minute you walk back in the door, it's time to be a professional again.

As for all those comments under the article. Some were not well thought out at all.

Example - Was it unprofessional that Tessy took an hour to respond to an im? Well it did take Marsellus days to report anything to Tessy. it at all fair to say that a one hour delay makes Tessy the unprofessional one? This is not rocket science.

Example - Who started the conversation between Tessy and Marsellus? Ok - I'm picking on this one cuz it was too funny. Tessy could EASILY have started the conversation in question by leaving him the first im. He probably wasn't on when she tried to reach him. He logs on, sees that she had tried to contact him.... and "hey" . What a petty reason to call someone delusional.

I also saw a comment which was made with great passion "
either bring mars back to run it or we all leave and tell everyone we know what happened when we tried to talk to you."
Well, that is bulling - plain and simple. Tessy doesn't want Marsellus back and as a business professional, has good reasons for cutting her ties. Let her be the CEO she has to be in this situation.

Lastly, the destruction of the mall itself. There are people who build for the love of the art. Cotton Candy was built with love. Speaking from my own past experience in the game, the builders are certainly crushed. I wish there was a way to make this right. This all happened because of a lack of communication.

So for all the passionate, impulsive, drama loving people of SL - This place would not be nearly as fun without you. Oh, and a few bloggers fit into that category too!!


Skinkie said...

The most well balanced post I've seen on the subject :-)

Rachel said...

thanks Skinkie - medication helps keep things level:))