Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Quiet Night

I don't have much time to explore today - but thought I would mention this pretty little medieval dress from Kouse's Sanctum. This beautiful dress comes in seven rich jeweled colors.

As you look at the dress, notice the shadows under the breasts? As you zoom in close...they do become more obvious. Personally, I think they compliment the dress:)

I had not been to Kouse's before, nice stuff!. The store seems a little tricky to get to. Follow the landmark. As you land, you will be next to a menu. Teleport from that sign directly to the store.

Medieval hair styles are always tougher for me to find. I did think this hair style would fit several eras and luckily it doesn't do that weired prim eye lash trick. You know the trick...no matter how much you tug your hair out of the lash path...it still peeks at you. It's always the blond and platinum hairs that do that. Drives me nuts!

Dress - Kouse's Sanctum, Enchanted Dream, Emerald (only $250L)
Hair - ETD Marisela II - Blonde
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Shy Jade Eyes
Jewelry -Coconut Ice - Fae-Jewel Necklace WG (petals change colors)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Basic Nude 1

As we shout, tease and poke at each other over the internet, we sometimes forget it's an unforgiving media. Daily, we chatter about the game and it's participants in articles and blogs but wait, take a moment..and think.

So many of us didn't want to use "voice" in game, because typing allowed us a moment to pause before we responded. Yet as we step outside the game and run to our separate corners on the internet, we forget to pause. Family, friends and coworkers stumble about the internet. Surrrre, most of them don't know we have second lives, much less what our avi names are, but every once in awhile, they do.

I guess I'm quiet tonight because i hate seeing people not given a fair chance. *Sighs* Well, most people won't get what I'm talking about today, and that's ok. I know I'm rambling.

Hmm..did I take my medication today? Rachel heads toward the medicine cabinet.

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