Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where on Earth to Find Free Stuff?


Suuure…go to a freebie mall at any time and grab a box of gestures, box of clothes or any other random box of freebies you can imagine. You have no clue what’s in that box but dangit, it’s free! Well, once unpacked, you usually find oh, 500 items in the box (low made up number).

None of the clothes seem to be in handly little Folders that separate complete outfits (Ugg!). All the bits seem to have been made ages ago and you have a nightmare trying to figure out what articles of clothing were meant to be used to make an outfit.


Across the grid you have the “Under 30” crowd of free items. Usually an old creation of a designer. Available for avis who are under 30 days old. Good intentions, BUT - How many of you knew about this category of freeness at THAT age? Folks, the avis that get the most out of this are alts…admit it, you know it’s true.

I highly urge designers to change the 30 day standard!! Think about giving it 6 months to a year.


Group Gifts (the yummy free item). The cream of the crop in the free field! I use Ivalde as an example here (yay Nef!). Here is where designers find the people who truly appreciate what they create. Of course many..MANY of us join a group, grab the free item and run like hell. Honestly, I don’t care if people do that and in fact I do understand it.

25 groups???? My groups are always at capacity with groups I just HAVE to be in (building, business and such). I only have maybe 3 floater groups and dang, no room at all for the kinky stuff!


Then there are stores like mine. To be honest, I can’t think of other designers who build and give it all away. If you can think of any that give ALL items made to the community, let me know – I would love to keep a list here. I’m not talking resale old stuff either. Everything I build I know will be given away, but that doesn’t stop me from doing everything I can to make it my best work to date.


As for this weeks goodies at Vignette:

I thought I would try to do a little something for the guys by way of hair. I swear I tried on 5 male shapes trying to get this hair to fit as many avis as possible. As for the ladies, I was in the mood for something warm and cosy and thought this would be a nice addition to your winter wear. Oh, and the hat changes to 9 colors on touch!

So stop by and see if it fits. If you like it.....they are all free (all colors).

Merry Christmas!

[V] Vignette

[IHS] In Her Shoes

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Chic Aeon said...

Hey there. Loved you complex and hair. Gave you a plug. I'll join you in the theme of giving back at the first of the year when I have some prims to spare.

Cheers and happy holidays!