Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Releases!!

WooHoo!! Three NEW Releases this week.

#1 - Lillian - First one is vintage. think of Lillian Gish back in the late 1910's. Ok - I admit it, her hair was frizzy, flyaway and banana curls. Lots of fun flex in this one!

#2 - Teddi - Second is fun, innocent....actually it's a little bit lolita!

#3 - Lola - Third is short, sassy and has atitude.

All 3 are from [V] Vignette Hair

Oh, and if you join the group - Vignette - you'll get a bit of a release treat.

Time for a break - check out these places:

Error -
China -
Immersiva - and don't forget to check out the sky at 1151 - This person needs to set up a gallery!
Poetik Velvets
xyz - you can find a little review of it here.
Alchemy Immortalis - opens April 13 - not sure what it is - but gorgeous build.
Kaaos Game
White Taj, Black Taj

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