Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tragic Lolita

Summer Choice 2009 - If you haven't played it by now - do it! The winning prizes are incredible...well worth it all.

So i guess you can tell what i did with my second card


Outfit: (with socks and shoes!) - *Edelweiss* School Blazer
Hair - BP*Autumn loose braid/silver
Skin - *minajunk skin Cry*

Men -

Two months now since my breakup with Kairos and I'm trying to move on. I've actually flirted with a few, but I find the clever ones live in foreign countries and the timing bites.

I've tried a ball room or two with very..uncomfortable results..Eww! (thank goodness for mute). Old friends have been incredibly supportive but whining on their shoulders stopped some time back.

I think it's harder to meet that "great person" the second time around. Yesh..all those expectations. Two have even asked me to "change my look just for them" OMG , HELL NO!! Can't believe they asked. One wanted the "overblown" look of an older woman with bad plastic surgery. I swear - I went into sl shock on THAT one. He seemed so normal!

On a positive note, I am more optimistic lately and try not to take any of them seriously:)

Well, off to explore... all kinds of things:)

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