Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Gift to YOU

She said "give it away". After just a moment or two, I smiled and said "You're right" Our mother taught us to share.

So, here goes - All the shoes and hair at Vignette and In Her Shoes are now free for everyone. Future releases will also be free. The group (Vignette) will be one of the 25 allotted groups if you choose to join (to get notices and exclusive free gifts). I decided to go the easy route here to give me more building time in the long run.

I will never be the "best" hair maker or "best" shoe maker, but I DO make quality items and I never just throw things together. I have never made a profit in sl, but I do love the creative process.

One person warned me and said "but you're closing a door you can't open back up". She's right. I'm just fine with it. I figure not everyone can afford the newest releases, but they should still have easy access to quality items in central locations.

Damn shame all those really bad (and often very dated) free items in SL aren't just pulled out. As a noob, I acquired every freakin new bit of clothing I could get my hands on in the first 30 days. WOW, was THAT a mistake. My inventory became a huge mess and it seemed 90% of the free stuff was unusable. To this day my inventory still groans with bits of it.

Don't get me wrong, there are some incredible things out there but for the most part these treasures are spread so far out across the grid you may never find them.

My two newest releases are Warm Winter Boots and Toasties, please enjoy them. All the colors are found in the shop and I felt no fat packs or demos were necessary. Take the colors you like so your inventory can sleep at night.

Enjoy your gifts!

In Her Shoes @ Vignette
[V]Vignette Hair

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Olela said...

Thank you for your generosity, Rachel :)