Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bare Boobie Gifts Below!

ARG!! I had awesome naked shape photos here but my sister complained.
So if ya wanna fuss..her name is Es0 Torok.


If you're ready for a bit of a change in your SL, check these out.

6 shapes.
3 men, 3 women.
All Mod/Copy

Two of the six are petite (highschool to college aged).

Have you ever had a guy who just couldn't hottie himself up? We all know it's usually the hair that fails them.

So I approached the shape by putting on a decent hair first. Then just built the head to fit! So guys, read the style card.

The hairs you see on it are simple to find and you WON'T have to adjust them.

These shapes are free to young and old, rich and poor, so come enjoy.

Come see the shape photos in world, really.... I thought they were harmless.

All free from -
In Her Body @ Vignette

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