Friday, November 13, 2009

YES!!! More Goodies for all!

So this week I spent time on the guys too. That means if he's STILL wearing some cruddy freebie that HE thinks is's time for a change that won't hurt his wallet! Bring him on by for all 9 pair...

Zoom in on these - the textures are amazing! These textures are the dark swarthy kind the men LOVE.

As for you ladies.....I set out what we all need, the basic pumps (in about 150 colors at a touch!). OMG!!!

So lady's, don't put your bridesmaid's out by making them pay for bridesmaid shoes....these are perfect at the perfect price and they will definitely wear them again!

As always ... both of these sets are FREE. So don't waste time, go now, before I release the notice to FashCon late next week (darn that one notice a week thingy).

Rich or poor, noob or experienced - Enjoy!

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