Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exploring With and Without your Partner

So here it is - Sunday morning and it's already been a good weekend.

I dared my partner (ok - maybe he doesn't show in my profile as partner, but he is:)) to enter a roleplay sim and make sure the coast was clear before I took the plunge.

I have a basic concern that I may pop into a roleplay area and be instantly gunned down. So, unarmed, he took the plunge. A few moments later he sent for me and off we went (without observer titles) to explore. The first person we met (the local police) didn't seem terribly informative.

I do seem to have a wicked case of ADD at times and at that point decided to zip out to find a more receptive environment. The idea being we would split up and find a perfect spot (cuz that's what we all seek on the sl grid) and then send for the other.

So as I went about exploring other sims, he decided to slip on the titler and continue where he was. I have come to the conclusion that men traveling alone in sl are true magnets for trouble. Kairos (my guy) is no exception.

Very quickly a lady crosses his path and wants to take him to met her You know, every role play is full of these kinds of groups. Soooo - he innocently follows her to a place where he would encounter a group women who are very clear. They think he's "hawt". Oh yes - he was iming me and keeping me well informed:). Now, I don't quite know how this happened but he was assigned a lovely mentor and off he went to her "special place" or "home" whatever you want to call it. Ah - at this point he knows she is indeed a vampire....

I must say I love it when he shares his adventures with me. While I was off watching two lizard men fight, he was off mingling with female vampires.

Remember, a sense of humour is a required trait when exploring roleplay sims. Someday soon I'll have to do a places list on the wickedest roleplay areas, but for now take a look at these interesting sites:

Tempura Island - for peace..but go north for a beautiful ballroom - take a date!
Garden of Dreams
Splitsville - just for fun
Nayeli - come on....ride the butterfly.. romantic
Nakama - for fun
Fantasy World
Capitol Hill
Rivet Town - Victorian/Steampunk Role Play (4 beautiful sims!!)

For those fashionistas out there, take a look at what I'm wearing today - I found it on Black Swan. One of my very favorite designers made it - Nef!! (from Ivalde's)

She pays such close attention to detail. Although you can easily get 3 looks out of all the pieces in the box, this is the look I chose to show off. Please keep in mind that I am also wearing a special skin found also on Black Swan, it has a feathered tatoo. That is the mark your seeing between the top of the bodice and the jacket/bolero at the top of my breast.

The dress has the perfect sculpted bustle and the gloves pull the look together for me. The part that initially caught my eye on the sales poster, was the skirt - check out the trim along the hemline. It's one of those girly girl accents that I love. For a different look - just take off the skirt - you'll be amazed at the pants and cuffs beneath it all. I figured I'd be pushing my luck with too many photos so I narrowed down my look and didn't show you all your options.

I decided to accent it all with some simple black pearl earings and the soft fun updo. Ah! the hair!! New realease at ::69:: called Miracle. If you zoom in close you can see the color changing bow on top. I truely appreciate when a designer takes the time to make color changing simple for everyone and this hair is a snap.

Hair - ::69:: miracle, upstairs, in the back
Dress - Ivalde, only at Black Swan, Githa
Skin - ::Tuli:: Black Swan, ~ smoke
Earrings - Caroline's Black Pearl Earring
Shoes - TESLA -*birth* on Black Swan
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Indigo Eyes

Well, I'm off again to explore and build -

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