Monday, September 8, 2008

Victorian Sexy

Well it's Monday and although I wasn't able to get on as much this pat weekend as I would have liked, I just had to take the time to show this beautiful, feminine outfit.

Such absolute detail in this one. When I first bought it I didn't realize the side thigh slits were there - but wow - it sure adds a lot of sexiness to it!

Chaospire has some amazing outfits and I will definitely be mentioning their items again!

Outfit - Chaospire "Lacepetal" Victorian Camibloomers in white

Hair - Magika Hair - Nice - Black.Tthis one is simple and frames the face gently..but still has a whisper of elegance.

Shoes - Tesla Ziggy, birth, the perfect Victorian shoe..

Skin - Curio :GP: Classic Pure. For the skin I wanted something with a look of innocence and for that, no one does it better than Gala.

For me, this looks like a lady about to get into her bath..and with that...go explore!

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