Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's been such a busy rl weekend but I did want to take the time to find a little something special to wear.

You know, something playful that would make me feel graceful and sexy - so take a look at this beautiful, traditional Hawaiian Hula Dress.

I swear the girly feeling you get at a concert doing a soft swaying dance is sooo worth it!

Hmm.. maybe it's time to get out and see if there are any fun, new beaches in world.

Till next time!

Hair - Zero Style, * 0 Style *Koyomi*(Raven)
Skin - Curio, :GP: Luster-Blossom
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Jade/Caramel Eyes
Dress - Tiki Tattoo - Hawaiian Hula1
Shoes - barefoot!


melanieann said...

zomggggggggggg ty for posting that, i am going to have to get it!!!

Rachel said...

thanks melanieann!! I love trying on things that are a bit..different. I have found the most incredible stuff that way:)