Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In honor of this orange time of year, I couldn't resist showing this one off.

This lovely dress is incredibly feminine. What a great combination of colors. The many oranges and yellows are sure to put you in the mood for fall. I must say, the highlights in the hair and the rich darker color of the shoes make this look a keeper!

Tonight, I'm in the mood for some roleplay. I, Rachel Boram plan to dress like a man and pick up my sweetie (Kairos) who will be dressed as a woman. The object of the game is simple - He seems to always attracts a certain type of woman. Seems I was the one exception. I plan to role play him and show him how he enables that type of behavior in a woman.

So keep your fingers crossed that I don't mess this one up:)

For those of you who have not made your evening plans - check out these places:

Wein - This will go in my new people places. Yesh, like shopping at a flea market with tons of give-a-ways.
Ice Age - a nice little romantic place to dance.
Thursday's Fiction - I would love to see this project completed.
Dodge City, KS 1875 - 22 sims
The Crack Den - Mature Role Play for those who play dangerously
Raining Pleasure <3>- this is the kind of small place you go to for peace
Spacexcape Project - this project just may be smarter than me
GALONGE - explore!
Mystique Romance

Something Special to Wear for Date Night:

Hair - Artilleri, Rita *golden blonde*
Skin - Curio, :GP: Classic-Vex
Dress - AXEL - Talla Dress Orange
Shoes - Shiny Things, Speedy Pumps, tomato
Hair Flower - Artilleri, orchid hair flower *spotted orange*

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