Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vintage is MORE than Fashion!

Yup - I am a lazy woman.

Someone asked if I sold my houses and I thought dang, i should. So I've added a few things to slexchange and boxed up the structures for sell at the Vignette model homes.

So am am posting these three which are now for sale.

First is the old vintage art deco movie theater, the Romana - the boxed set is mod/copy and has some sweet seats in the theater with lots of different poses. Stop by and chick it out or take a peek on slexchange.

Second is a 1920's kit home inspired by the Sears (Walton's Rest). This one will remind you of summers at grandma's when you were a kid.

Third is Summer Delight which is also inspired by the old 1920's - 30's kit homes. Check out all that incredible detail for only 111 prim - can't beat that!

For model homes:

Romana - and on slexchange
Walton's Rest - and on slexchange
Summer Delight - and on slexchange

So head over and poke about!

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