Sunday, October 19, 2008


Have you had a chance to check out all your hunt goodies yet? I slipped on this one and absolutely squealed with delight! Talk about a great Halloween freebie....

This one is from the Retrology Hunt:

Thanks you soooo much to Betty Doyle at Ingenue. I am finally into the Halloween spirit.

The cosy sweater sets the season... and the orange petticoat gives it all such a festive playful look.

Every once-in-awhile, I'll find something (not fashion) that catches my eye. Take a peek at the two smaller photos. This is such a great sculptie pumpkin set. You can place them individually or as a set. Wish I had made them. Honestly, I was using 120 prims on Vignette for a small pumpkin patch. This set is only 13 prim...and copies...for the most luscious pumpkins ever!

The tree (comes from the same shop), comes with the pumpkin set beneath it..and the it has tiny lights coming from it(all for only 15 prims).

Hair - >FD Hair< (Frangipani), Josephine - Copper
Dress - Retrology pumpkin hunt - Ingenue pumpkin (freebie - it's worth the hunt!)
Shoes - Maitreya Slinky Stiletto, black
Manicure - The Body Politik, Deep Orange Peel, (If Polly is reading this, please update the lm in your profile, I seem to keep landing in the back under a building..pretty pleeease)
Stockings - Dark Grey Seamed Stockings by INSOLENCE, (with a sweet seam up the back)
Skin - Curio :GP: Radiance-Russet, this one plays up those rich copper autumn colors)

Pumpkins - New Trails -
Tree Set - New Trails - I think this was a nifty gift, it showed up in my pocket about 30 min after I joined the group:). If, thanks! I must admit, I spent some $L there:)

So now that I'm feeling all girlie girl let's go snoop out more Haunted Houses on the grid:)

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