Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Woohoo - SALE at Ivalde with 50% off everything black /very dark and 5 black outfits are only 50L and 6 are only 100L

Well, heck! I dropped everything and ran over there!!

Much to my dismay, 53 other women beat me there. *Sighs* Ok, so I removed my witches hat and candy filled Jack-O-Lantern and inched my way in. Slowest crawl ever...really.

Certain colors are absolute favorites of mine and black is right at the top. No way was I going to not fight my way through that crowd! I picked up tons of great things and this dress was only $200L. The hat was separate and is absolutely perfect.

I could so easily see myself fitting in as a governess or young widow at a role-playing sim. Sort of Jane Eyre like. Hey - I could get into that one ....but I think I need period glasses and a book in my hand.

Places to Go and Things to Do!

Sculptie Island - Give it time to rez and let the builder in you explore these incredible things. I cant wait till he puts these low prim trees on sale! 4 Sims of yummy stuff to enhance your special sl place.
Haunted Caverns
The Refuge and Expansion by AM Radio at Welsh Cove - many have seen it - but he expanded - go check out the additions!
Avnet Technology Museum - on the first floor
Octoberville 2008 is open for Halloween and I smell a scavenger hunt!
Tainted Hearth...... - All about Halloween type atmosphere. Yes, shopping is around - but this Sim is Georgous!!
Trepid Station - turn lights to midnight and sound up...then start moving to the top of the building as you explore.
Haunted House (on Lower Wythburn) - dim your lights and turn on you sound again!

Hunts and Such!!
Loco Pocos - at landing look for the pumpkin which you will use as the teleport to begin your Halloween Adventure!
Tully - look for the 18 sculpted pumpkins!
M&R Cupcakes - not a hunt but a sweet freebie! - at store entry loo to your right at the front and find the Hotpant Bikini - in Camo Purple (marked at $0 on the wall)
Axel - Look for the 4 black bats!

Hair - Magika Hair - Nice - Maroon - I didn't have to trim a single hair to wear the hat!
Outfit - Ivalde Elsine Grey Bustle Gown (Whew! only ladies in the store right now. Get over there asap)
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Automne 3 - I can't landmark this one for you cuz I think they're closed make room for a new line of skins. I am so gonna be there when they open back up.
Hat - Eliza Elegance hat in black

Rachel rushes off to find granny glasses and books to carry.

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