Saturday, April 26, 2008


OMG - Antonia is retiring some goodies.

I dropped everything and headed over there right away this morning.

Check these sales items out:
Vicky Polka Dress
Carmen Lingerie
Kat's Meow Coats!
Wendy Pants
Hanna Skirt
Annie Tops
Sabrina Hair - WAIT - SABRINA HAIR...nooooo, where will I go when I forget to save a back (note the green hair).

The green hair was an oops on my part, seems I forgot to select "edit linked parts" from the edit menu. Lucky I was able to get it fixed. Just remember, now you have no place to run to when you mess this one up. I always tend to tinker with bands and barrettes.

The Hanna skirt has always been a favorite of mine. It was the first high waisted anything I ever wore in SL. It's an absolute keeper!

Well - off to listen to some great live music - this time LoveSongs Writer. I don't speak Spanish but i DO appreciate the beauty of it (such great artists here:)

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