Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching up!

Last night I did something I thought I would never do in SL™ – I started a group. What on earth would I do with a group? Well, you see, I have four passions in game and these are three of them:

*Creating furniture (and surprisingly, buildings lately). My stores name is Vignette.

*My Sim is also called Vignette. I wanted the things I create to tell a story. Since I didn’t have enough things to put in the sim yard and call it done – the majority of Vignette is currently a beautiful park.

*Style – I love vintage, retro and some roleplay items. I don’t make clothes – but I sure do love them!

The group is about the three things listed above. To give park updates, tell about releases, and maybe to gossip about the latest vintage releases around the grid. If your having trouble finding these types of things - maybe someone else in the group will know (whether it is a particular vintage texture, dress, or an old pirates cannon). No spamming aloud at all.

This is a vintage, retro, history related group. If in doubt – ask me. Search in Groups for Vignette.

Everything is in world at Vignette.
Take a look at my photos on the blog today!!! I am happy to announce that I was able to list a few things over the weekend on slexchange. Feel free to take a peek:)

These new items were inspired by the 1920's


Anonymous said...

"But, Rachel baby, what is the fourth passion?" asks Kairos as he winks.

Rachel said...

lolz - shhh