Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wicked Times

With Neferia's newest releases, this one was the "must have".

Wow - It fit like a dream (soo easy to resize as needed). The lightly transparent layers on this dress are worn at both the stomach and the spine. This creates a much fuller effect than any other flapper dress I've seen in the game.

Those lovely, fun, impulsive Flappers:
  • were young
  • embraced modern things
  • smoked (with those long cigarette holders)
  • wore their hems above the knee (but not thigh high)
  • were flat chested (binding as needed)
  • flappers who were riskier refused to wear corsets and rolled their stockings to the knee to enable them to dance easily.
  • wore makeup
  • danced the night away (Jazz)
The above information was was pulled from : Flapper Fashion 1920's

To compliment the style (I couldn't bring myself to flatten the chest) I added the lovely Antique Headdress from Chapeau tres Mignon and pearls from Encore.

The skin gave the outfit a vibrant look. The bold red lipstick was a must!

If eyes are the windows to the soul, these are innocent eyes taking in a bold new world.

Necklace - Encore, Timeless double strand
Bracelet - Encore, String Pearl Bracelet (may no longer be available)
Hair - TRUTH, Mary in black
Dress - Ivalde, Alve in black
Eyes - [E] Babydoll - Grrrrey!
Lashes - *Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes
Skin - LF CHAI Skin -Ginger- Antique
1920's Antique Headress - Chapeau tres Mignon
Shoes - Maitreya (free)

Facelight - Caliah Lyon (Muse), I am using her suggested presets for lighting. *Look for the Windlight Notecard sign when you walk in - it will give you directions. I don't know how this woman did it - but this light setting absolutely works. A personal thanks from me to her - :)


Anonymous said...

"WHO" is this lady that You put on your site? She looks very much like the model that I have been sketching for the last few years.
I am a fashion designer and am working on my design line. I have a page-size portrait that I first
made back in 2000. She was to be the genisis for what I did, so whenever I do a fashion sket, I always use Her face short~medium~long hair, it is always her. Her eyes are almond~shaped(green) Straight long hair~full bangs fair skin complexted. I named Her
Yvonne Lavande~she is French. I am searching for this lady...twinflame/soulmate.I do have a sketch that has almost the samme flapper style. I did not even know that Colleen Moore had existed when I started doing my fashion sketches. So very much my "rule" ( I do NOT copy anyhting)
When I saw a picture of Coleen Moore compared to the girl ghost
that has been sighted, I was astonished because I have been recieving this particular image.
My paranormal experience is somewhat like the movie
"Somewhere in Time"Reeves and Seymore. Now get this. This movie was filmed in Chicago and Michigan.
Colleen Moore has lived in these places...and so have I. At some point I was liked to a spectre.
I like your flapper picture. Is it computor animated? Have a nice day♥

Rachel said...

Colleen Moore - an AMAZING silent film beauty!

I also believe some of us are lucky and have a strong connection to the past whether through spirits or past lives:). you never know:)

The flapper picture was done in a computer game called Second Life. In the game we easily shape our avatars, dress them...put lovely make-ups on them. I seem to gravitate toward vintage looks. Thank you so much for the lovely note. It made my day!