Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rockabilly Bold

Yep - That is how you can describe the style of Artilleri's Antonia Marat. This past weekend she set out tons of new things. Her stuff has loads of personality. *Basics - we all need them - how else will we match up the items we just HAD to have but nothing in our closets worked with them?

This stunning skirt, it's -- necessary, bold, stunning, fun and a basic wardrobe item. ok...I admit it - I got the Fun Pack. You heard me...... 8 incredible colors!! The little shimmer in the skirt gives it life. Check out the hem - I swear when you stand still you can't tell where one prim starts and the next one ends. Love the high waists (squeels!! on the jacket layer!!!). The black belt is a great detail that adds a bit of drama to it:) Gotta love drama like that!

The top was an earlier purchase for me at Artilleri. Oh my - Antonia DOES know her orange. The tones in the skirt and top match perfectly.

The hair - I do know there are at least 2 Marlyn hair styles out there. Happy to say I have them both. This one is fuller and the curls seem less tight (looks lush). The other one is shorter (looks sassy). Both are absolutely great!

Zoom in on the Vinyl - Kingston Augustus at Turnstyle is the creator. I love the way she uses pop culture and dang - this sure works with retro. Gotta love these earrings.

I felt since the hair was full and lush - the shoes should reflect that style, so I chose these black Verve Pumps over at Maitreya.

Hair - Curl Up and Dye Salon - Marilyn - SUNSET
Skirt - artilleri - carla circle skirt *orange*
Top - artilleri - tasty tiki dress top
Earrings - turnstyle - Vinyl LP Earring, Orange (comes in 7 bold colors!)
Shoes - Maitreya Verve Black Pump
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Jade
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Basic Red 1

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