Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Simpler Times

He brought me flowers and a teddy bear and asked if I felt played or loved. What a question:). He has been with me for a year and he still takes me by surprise. Of course my reply was conditional - "Depends on why you gave them to me" I know we both smiled. Needless to say - I love this guy:)

Ok ok ok - no more mushy stuff today. Considering how many Victorian sims are on the grid - they are not well represented in my blog entries. Soooo - I decided something girlie and fun was in order today.

Ivalde to the rescue:) This dress is a winner - I love all the tiny little blue folds and the fabric drapes in the back making my ass pleasantly plump (just as any Victorian dress should). This dress comes in 4 rich colors (purple, red, teal and olive).

Had to have the hat!!!! How fun is that? The Flapper hair in blackberry made it even better.

I did go an awfully long time in SLshying away from hats. If you can build - just a little you can make this style fit. The hair is Flapper - (Blackberry) from ETD.

Really - I put on the hair then added the hat. Right clicked the hair and selected edit. Select "edit linked parts at the top of the little box. Zoom in a little on the hair. You will see one section of hair poking through - click on that one hair use the arrows to push the hair into your hat/hair (out of view). Close the edit box - Tadaaaa!! Easiest hat/hair combo EVER to fix!

Dress - Millie in purple - Ivalde
Hair - ETD Flapper - Blackberry
Skin - :GP: Classic-Pure (Still at Skin Fair!) As for the skin - I find anytime i dress Victorian I always choose a natural look - and who does it better than - Gala Phoenix:)
Hat - Hettie Elegance hat in black found at Elegance
Lighting - =RaC= Face Light AND Face Light- Skin Tone Illuminator (by Claire Harford) AND set my lights to A-9AM I kinda like the effect of all 3 of these things used together.
Location - Vignette

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