Saturday, April 12, 2008

Date Night!!!!

It'd Saturday - Let's go somewhere!! Of course - put on something nice first:)

Wow!! This is 1950's with class.

The texture on this dress has an incredible beaded look to it (Enlarge the photo and take a close). I love, love, love the hemline on this dress:) - it's sort of scalloped - but less predictable. The waist is trim and moves in well toward the skirt (which I tend to be fairly picky about) and the tiny straps complete this very girlie girl dress.

I wanted the gloves because I knew they would catch his attention:)

This is a very sophisticated 50's retro look. The hair style worn had to be classy enough to compliment the retro look, but I didn't want it to pull attention away from the dress.

The choker was the perfect choice and the cherry on top was the lipstick. Something in a bold red. Well, I'm ready for date night:)

I've listed a few places for you to explore on date night. Soooo....When he asks - "what should we do?" you will not only have a plan, but you will impress the hell out of him:).

Amour Isle
Brooklyn is Watching
Comcastic (the lab is a hoot!)
Birka - Viking Port (gotta love the history!)
Aelin - interesting woods
Eris Island - the whole sim is worth the explore!

If you have places you would suggest be listed, and they aren't already picks on the blog, please share. It's always good to be prepared on a date night.

Dress - Ingenue - Lady Stardust - black
Skin - Fleur Vivant Buff Sultry 3
Hair - ETD Lynne II - Black
Choker - Second Mirage, Black pearl and silver cameo choker. I dropped by the store to get the surl but couldn't find the choker on the shelf - wonder why - it's a beautiful piece:(
Shoes - Maitreya Slinky Stilettos
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Romantic Pearl Eyes
Gloves - Tap Gloves Short Black (no longer available)
Seamed Stockings - Dark Grey Seamed Stockings by INSOLENCE

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