Friday, April 25, 2008

Tough Girls

I haven't seen much vintage this week, but when it rains, it pours. Until then:

WooHoo - I have Friday off!! Doesn't get better than that. Let's celebrate with some roleplay/costume, ummm..fantasy wear.

Went to headquarters to get my marching orders. Then off for some adventure.

I decided to break into a few Sim bunkers.

My first Stop was the Phoenix Military Complex & Mt. My papers told me it was a busy little bunker, so off I went. My first surprise was that this was in FurNation. What??? Those cute little furry things fight? noooo..say it isnt so. The next surprise was the elevator. It's a tricky little thing. Be sure to touch the FLOOR of the elevator:). here was not too tight (I'm it!).

My next stop was Merczateers HQ Walked the perimeter, but dayum, tighter than Fort Knox! Lolz - now they are shooting at me from inside the compound! All I did was shake my jar of dirt at them:)) These guys are a tricky little bunch with what appears to be unusual weapons. Well, regardless, they sure look very sexy. Before I run of to get in more trouble, check out what I'm wearing:

Coat - Sinistyle, Death Dealer (also bought the expansion pack)
Shirt - Renegade, Urban Ranger Tank
Hair - Aden, Charlize Long (Black) - took very little editing for this fit!
Boots - Excellent military boots with a great fit! From The Abyss
Skin - Freckled Gala Noir Sol Sin Skin
Helmet - Nocturnal Threads, FraG-Head (look upstairs for this one) It has a great fit.

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