Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cowgirls and Indians

Ok - I did warn you. I like to role play. A little fantasy never hurt any of us:). Most of these items are not new, but i like them and wanted to share them.

I decided on western wear this week. I'm not even gonna pretend these outfits are period appropriate - but they sure are fun!

To begin with, I really like this hat. It's worn over the brow a bit and has a firm fit. A native Texan would wear this kind of hat. Of course, it's a bonus that the hair comes with it. I did take the liberty of making the hair bands and barrettes red (I thought it would bring out the red beads in the top). Remember, always make a back up of your hair before you try to do things like that. On a side note - the hat is color changing on touch!!

I then added some tight jeans, a boho necklace and boots. These are incredible western boots. Sweet details and a great fit!

Eyes - *Sin Skins* Shy Fog Eyes
Skin - Gala - Medium-Gloss-Basic Gloss
Boots - SLink Jane Cowboy
Jeans - Drawmachine - Sexy Ass Jeans
Hair/Hat - ETD, Willis III
Necklace - Earthtones, Boho Necklace, Black - Ok, who besides me is irritated that Earthtones and Earthstones sound sooo much alike??

I bought a little Indian outfit for my first Halloween in SL™. WOW - did I get my moneys worth. I am wearing the same top in both the cowboy and Indian outfits. the little fringe in the skirt is all prim, so it all sways from side to side as I walk. It gives me that "all girl" feeling. I do still wear these moccasines - very nice colors, but they are not sculpty.

I think my favorite part of the Indian outfit is the hair feather (which is bought separately at Bobbysocks). It tends to sway along gently with my hair. this is a must buy if you get the dress:)


Indian Dress - Bobbysocks, Tama

Native Suede Moccasins - Bobbysocks
Indian feathers - Bad Bobbysocks
Hair - [ND] "Maya" - Black Pearl
Skin - Gala - Tan-Mod Lips II-Pressed Rose
Eyes - *Sin Skins* Intense Brown Eyes

Location - Southern Cheyenne Land - New Mex, New Mexico

Lolz - A cowboy drew his gun on me as I was taking the Indian photos - so cover your back:) Have Fun!!

On a side note - I'm still figuring out how to place photos on the blog in such a way that they look ok on fashion Planet also. Yesh!! Trial and error:(

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